Hey Surfer! Markus Silbernagl here.
Have You seen it yet? I don't know about you - but I'm in!
Ant Surf Extravaganza! Total of $450+
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Simply Promote, Refer, Click and Win BIG!
Ant Surf Promoter Contest (Step 1)
Simply promote Ant Surf and win BIG! Current rankings, Prizes and Full List
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Special Prize - Finish as Top 1 in all (Promoter, Referrer and Clicker) Contests
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Promoting + Referring + Clicking = Winning BIG!
Referrer Contest (Step 2)
Clicker Contest (Step 3)
Use your Ant affiliate link or any of the splash pages from our Affiliate Toolbox section to promote Ant Surf in all manual Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers. Don't forget to submit your personalised splash page (if you use one). More details inside.
If you love surfing - this Contest is for YOU! Surf daily, any time as much as you want and see how you doing against other friends of Ant Surf. IMPORTANT: This contest is for honest clickers only. No auto-clicking programs will ever be allowed here. More details inside.
Both Ants are now NITRO Ants! :-) - Faster than ever! Feel the difference
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